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“Driving nearly 25% of all websites globally, WordPress is the market leader for website platforms. It provides a hugely scalable, secure and extendable platform that allows for fast, cost effective and professional website development for sites of all sizes. Kaizen Web are masters of custom WordPress website builds.”

What are the benefits of building a website on WordPress?

In one word: numerous. Powering enterprise level websites such as Time Magazine, Sony Music & MTV, WordPress is a hugely scalable and powerful website engine. It provides a framework for very fast development and deployment across all devices and with a huge library of plugins provides highly cost effective functionality and extendability.

A WordPress website is a future proof platform that if for what ever reason you decide you no longer want to use us (it hasn’t happened to us yet), there are a huge number of other WordPress experts that could step right into the fold. Many other companies develop on bespoke platforms that you may find tie you to them (unless you undergo a complete website rebuild).

Why Choose Kaizen Web as Your WordPress Developer

Kaizen Web are highly experienced WordPress developers. We do custom WordPress builds that do not tie you to the limited design and functionality of WordPress Theme based builds. We can either custom design a site for you or provide exact design implementation from your graphic designer.

We have vast experience in implementation of and customisation of WordPress plugins that can provide sophisticated functionality to your website at a fraction of what a “built from scratch” option would cost.

Through the power of the WordPress platform and our extensive experience in WordPress builds, we can have a website for you built, tested and deployed within a very tight time-frame and at a cost we think you will find hard to beat.

Business Goal Orientated Design

Once we have clear website objectives defined with you we can begin to plan the website build. Our core methodology is based on funnel based design. This means at every step and page within the website we are looking to drive customers towards actioning the key objectives of the website. Sometimes a funnel can be a single page step and in other instances (such an online shop) can include a number of steps.

Funnel Based Design

Typical goals of websites are to generate online sales, generate leads for your sales team or simply encourage engagement between your website users and your company. In most cases there is a journey for your users between where they arrive on your website and the page on which they execute a desired goal.

This path on which we hope to drive website users is called a funnel. Our goal is to drive as higher portion of users that arrive on a landing page to the page on which a goal is executed as possible. During this journey some users will drop off. The greater number of users we can drive to the end of the funnel, the higher the conversion rates we can drive on our goals.

We can take your business to the next level online. Find out how.

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