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Pioneer Finance a New Zealand finance company that provides secured loans and finance. They specialise in providing secured New Zealand Personal Loans. Kaizen Web built the website using a selection of customised Word Press plugins to provide a fast and very cost effective build.

Kaizen Web have also been engaged to work on driving higher conversion rates for the website and have begun a program of split testing different variations of pages and page elements.

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At Kaizen we manage SEO for Pioneer Finance.  We initially researched and analysed the organic search engine rankings for NZ consumer focused searches for personal loans.  In addition we carried out survey’s as to what Our Kiwi customers most prize in searching for personal finance.

We analysed the following personal loan providers


During the course of our analysis we discovered what matters most to our Kiwi clients:

  • Kiwis are more comfortable with banks. But this has to do with four crucial factors.  Reputation and credibility, these more commonly denoted by longstanding businesses such as banks.  The other low interest rates and fees.
  • Currently the biggest standouts from a personal loan provider outside of the major banks is Pioneer and Max Loans.
  • A large proportion of the analysed personal loans providers had little organic reach.
  • Search engine optimisation or identifying keyword phrases then implementing various strategies to move rankings for these phrases would easily optimise organic (free) google results
  • A considered and well executed digital strategy with search engine optimisation provides a channel of highly targeted and potentially high volume traffic to your website. What’s more you do not pay per click for this traffic. Generally however, an investment is required (especially for more competitive search phrases).
  • Little known personal loan providers are not bereft of the four crucial factors important to Kiwi customers, rather, they lack the online organic reach that would enable them to communicate their values to the wider online community.

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