Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

“Search engine optimisation is the practice of identifying keyword phrases you wish your website to appear in the google results for, and then implementing various strategies to move your website ranking for these phrases to as higher possible position in the organic (free) google results.”

Why engage an SEO consultant?

Executed properly, search engine optimisation provides a channel of highly targeted and potentially high volume traffic to your website. What’s more you do not pay per click for this traffic. Generally however, an investment is required (especially for more competitive search phrases).

Broadly speaking, once you have identified groups of keyword phrases you wish to target there are two key disciplines to execute to achieve high rankings:

  1. On-site/On-page optimisation: This involves optimising the pages through use of various page elements and content to identify to google that the page/site has strong relevance to the search phrases you are targeting.
  2. Offsite: This involves seeking out and acquiring links from other websites to your website. Google sees these links and effectively sees them as a vote of confidence in your website content in relation to various search phrases and lifts your ranking accordingly. Links from sites with related content and/or from sites with strong authority are by far the best way to execute this discipline.

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