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“Google Analytics is a sophisticated and free website analytics tool that provides a framework to track the effectiveness of your website marketing activities and understand your website visitor behaviour.”

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a highly powerful tool used to analyse and measure the performance of your website and digital marketing campaigns. It provides the framework to configure website business goals (and sales if transaction based) and from this gives detailed insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived at your site, and how you can aim to keep them coming back.

Why Choose Kaizen Web?

Conrad from Kaizen Web is a certified Google Analytics partner. Kaizen Web are experts in translating google analytics data into actionable business intelligence. With all of our websites and digital marketing campaigns we ensure a best practice tracking framework is put into place so you can understand how your customers are interacting with your brand and which changes & channels are improving your return on your digital investment.

We can offer advanced Google Analytics services such as integration with your CRM system through the Google Analytics API, customised ecommerce tracking to push gross profit into the system (to provide exact ROI reporting) and much much more.

Advanced Integration Service Case Study

Kaizen Web has a client whose website is used as a lead generation tool for their sales force. Sales leads (form submissions) are configured as one of the goals in Google Analytics. The standard set up provides explicit reporting on which channels are generating these sales leads. The power of GA provides the ability to segment reporting down to highly detailed levels such as device used, Gooogle Adwords keyword phrase etc.

This is extremely useful information, however, sales leads are not all equal in quality. The standard set up was not allowing our client know which of these leads were being converted into actual sales. Our client was using Gravity Forms (a WordPress forms plugin) to capture these leads and these were being fed by a Zapier API into their CRM system.

Kaizen Web passed the unique user id for the Google Analytics session into the form and this in turn was passed into their CRM system. Our custom integration then pushed any leads in the CRM that had been converted into sales back into the Google Analytics system.

What this has done is now allowed reporting on actual sales rather than sales leads. To narrow the effect of this down to their Google Adwords spend, it clearly illustrated that some adgroups/keyword phrases were generating lots of sales leads which made them look attractive to push the advertising spend into; however the conversion of those leads into sales was poor.

Conversely, other adgroups/keyword phrases had below average conversion of website visitors into sales leads, but had excellent conversion rates for turning into actual sales. The upshot being, the customer now had explicit data to allow far more intelligent online advertising decisions and a far greater return on advertising spend.

This is a small example of what is possible with Google Analytics. Talk to us today about how we can assist you.

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