Conversion Rate Optimisation

“Conversion Rate Optimisation is the science of looking for ways to increase execution of your website goals. Using various proven methodologies we aim to make small but continual gains to your conversion rates delivering your business more sales and more leads from the same amount of traffic.”

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion testing is the science of brainstorming out ways to improve conversion rates, implementing these ideas and then measuring their effectiveness (or lack there of). The most effective method of brainstorming out ideas is a combination of understanding best conversion practices, understanding user behaviour and then testing and measuring them.

The secret to measuring their effectiveness is through the use of split testing tools.

Split Testing

Split testing is where a proposed change to a page is put into place and this version of the page is served up to every second visitor. The other half of the visitors are served up the original version of the page. Goals are defined for the split test (such as goal conversion success, lowered bounce rate, user engagement etc..). Once sufficient visitors have passed through the split test we are able to measure whether the new version of the page is more successful than the original version.

If the new version of the page has outperformed the original version then the changes are rolled out permanently to the website and we move on to implementing the next split test. An ongoing program of split testing can provide a stream of continual conversion improvements that over time can add up to significant improvements to the overall website performance.

We use an industry leading tool called Visual Website Optimiser.

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