“Remarketing allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website as they browse major other websites within the advertising networks.”

What is Remarketing

When it comes to convincing the people who visit your site to take action and convert, one visit is typically not enough. Remarketing gives you a chance to bring back indecisive customers with tailored ads and offers that relate to the experience they had on your site. With remarketing, you get another chance to close the deal.

The three major providers of remarketing are Google, Facebook and Adroll. Between them they cover the majority of the market. These remarketing tools provide the ability to serve up ads that are tailored to what the first time visitor was interested in on your website and to “remarket” directly to them with a specific tailored offer.

Why Choose Kaizen Web?

Kaizen Web are experienced users of both the Google and Adroll remarketing systems. They will ensure best practice set up and detailed monthly reporting.

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