Google Adwords Management

“Google Adwords are the sponsored listings you see at the top of the google search results page. The ads which you configure for Google Adwords are displayed based on keyword phrase combinations and you only pay when a user clicks on your listing and visits your website.”

Why Use Google Adwords

They can provide an immediate channel of highly targeted and potentially high volume website traffic. This traffic does however come at a cost and it is hugely important to set up tracking so that we can measure explicit return on investment at a keyword level. This allows us to divert and optimise your adwords spend on the best performing keyword phrases that are providing the best ROI. Campaigns can be tailored to target local, regional, national and international audiences.

Why Choose Kaizen For Your Adwords Management?

Conrad from Kaizen Web is a certified Google Adwords partner. Google Adwords has quite a few layers of complexity that you need to understand and manage if you wish to maximise the effectiveness of your spend. Kaizen Web have been “pay per click” advertising practitioners since the early 2000’s and have vast experience in their use including on large commercial scales (500K + annual spenders).

Kaizen will ensure best practice setup is put into place and our monthly management will provide:

  • Detailed monthly reporting.
  • Looking for and testing new opportunities.
  • Staying up with the play with the frequent adwords system changes.
  • A highly focused conversion based approach.

We back our abilities to add true value to your business and all of our packages are on a non contractual month by month basis that you can exit at any time.

We can take your business to the next level online. Find out how.

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